3:20pm Today…

Skip out on work. Ditch school. Stop the presses. Forget about all the snow that’s been falling. Today is the official start of Spring…it’s opening day of baseball in the upper-left hand corner of the country. The M’s of Seattle are gonna take the field. Dirt, grass, beer and hot dogs. Crackly loudspeakers, sunshine, and over-roasted peanuts. Overpriced souvenirs, people yelling, and the 7th inning stretch. Hell yes, baseball is here.

I’m still a bit disgruntled over the M’s ditching Tacoma powerhouse Adam Jones for the guy who will toss the first pitch in today’s game, Erik Bedard…but let’s hopefully see him pan out to be worth it all. Ichiro is still first in the hitting rotation, Dave Niehaus throws the ceremonial first pitch, and the Rangers from Texas will be the first opponent of the season.

My oh my, it’s finally here.


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