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Any of you on the Ave might have noticed some bicycle cops cruising around. I was pretty glad to see this. I was put off, though, when I found out they stop patrolling at 11 o’clock at night. I was a good voter and sent a letter to the people who hold any kind of sway over matters like these. If you live off the Ave, you should send one, too. I sent mine to:

Here’s what it said:
Hello To All Of You,

My name is Chris Miller. I have lived in Tacoma for 8 years now, and will stay here for many more. I live on South 8th and Anderson, 2 blocks south of 6th Ave. I am also a new business owner at 2914 6th Ave., Suite B (The Red Hot). I love living, and soon, working, in this neighborhood. It has gone through many changes, some bad, mostly good. I am enjoying the upswing in activity in our neighborhood. It is mostly positive as our neighbors, and others that visit our neighborhood, enjoy the many new (and existing) businesses and restaurants along the Ave.

I recently noticed the presence of Bicycle Police Patrols. I viewed this as yet another positive change in our neighborhood, where residences and businesses coexist so closely together. I was, however, surprised to find out that their patrol shift ENDS at 11:00 pm.

I would greatly appreciate it if this matter was reviewed. A longer shift, like say until 2:00 am, would be greatly beneficial to our neighborhood. It seems as if things get out of hand at all, it happens right after 11:00 pm.

Please feel free to reply with any comments, suggestions, or solutions about this matter. You are free to join me at my place of business, or one of the many other fine establishments in our neighborhood to discuss this.

Thanks for your time!
-Chris Miller

I am so growd’s up!


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