A Good Day

Yesterday shaped up to be a killer day. I had heard we were going to be named ‘Best Cheap Date’ in the Weekly Volcano‘s “Best Of” issue. I got a huge smile on my mug as I saw I was named “Best Bar Owner” in Tacoma as well. Nothing like a little nod or atta-boy to boost your well being.

Immediately after reading the WV, the editor and publisher of Beer Northwest Magazine walked in. They had heard about us, and stopped in for a couple beers, a couple dogs, and some picture taking. We shot the breeze for a few, and then they were off to their homebase down PDX way. Rad.

I also got the final go-ahead on opening up our back lot for our 1-year Anniversary Party (August 16th). It should be a friggin’ blast outside! Fish Tale is making us a special cask beer (Red Hot AugustFest Bier!) to have on tap, we’re giving away the bike, and if more people sign up, the RH Hot Dog Eating Contest is a GO! If you or anyone you know wants to compete, please let me know (delicioushotdogs at gmail dot com)! Winners will be rewarded with fame, glory, and free stuffs! Woo!


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