Addicted to C.L.A.W.?

Cue the slick-back haired dancers…

As soon as we filled our Bearded Baby Buttons Dispenser with the awesome stylings of one Stowe, I realized we had some sort of unintentional shrine to C.L.A.W. forming.

Stowes buttons in the house, and 12 feet away is Stowe’s Beautiful Angle poster, which is topped by a custom Red Hot edition of the C.L.A.W. City Arts cover, which is topped by RR Andersons “My Goodness My Heidelberg” drawing…and we used to have a Mark Monlux screenprint that someone actually spilled a beer on before we got it framed. Don’t ask…

Does C.L.A.W. owe me money, or do I owe them my eternal gratidtude?


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