Another Tacoma (Beer) First

I was pretty stoked to find out we were the first in Tacoma to tap a keg of Pyramid’s Snow Cap this season, and now I’m kind of excited about another beer first. This weekend, The Red Hot becomes the first Tacoma joint to have Racer 5 IPA on tap.

Brewed at Bear Republic Brewing out of Healdsburg, CA, all hopheads should take note of this true American style IPA. Here’s what they say:

Racer 5 – This is a hoppy IPA. Did I say hops? Your brewer is a hop head! This is a full bodied beer using American grains. The goal was to create a base for showing off the unique floral qualities of two Pacific Northwest hops, Columbus and Cascade. Columbus is a new hybrid High Alpha Acid hop used mostly for bittering, but used heavily as an aromatic in this strong brew. Cascade is the balance that ties the malt and bittering hops together. It is a true specialty ale and is our brewer’s statement on this style. 2004 L.A. Commercial Brewing Competition, Silver Medal Winner; 2004 World Beer Cup, Silver Medal Winner; 2001 Real Ale Festival, San Diego, Gold Medal Winner; 2001 Real Ale Festival, Chicago, Gold Medal Winner; 1999 Great Amercian Beer Festival, Gold Medal Winner – og 1.070, ABV 7.0%, IBU 69. California State Fair Bronze Medal, 1997 Beerfest Invitational. – og 1.070, ABV 7.0%, IBU 69.

All that lingo means it’s a damn fine beer, loaded with hops, a very big beer while still remaining drinkable, and others seem to think so, too. Ever since Tacoma Boys started stocking bottles of Bear Republic brew, Racer 5 can usually be found hanging out in the “beer section” of my refrigerator at home. So until the manufactured “hop shortage” grips us all, it will be, as always, $3.50 a pint, $3 during the happiest of hours. Look for it on tap Friday, or Saturday at the latest.


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