Beer from Here (There)

So the cat’s out of the bag. Bad Ass Barry Watson (or as we like to call him, Blue Eyed Soul Brother #1), owner and proprietor of the always excellent Rosewood Cafe, dropped the knowledge bomb on Ed Murrietta the other day. Me and Barry have been plotting to unleash our own version of beer upon Tacoma for some time. We both want a red ale. Think and amped up version of an amber. Hoppy. REAL hoppy. Just this side of an American IPA. We’ve done our research, and are currently working with Hale’s Brewery in Ballard to work up this exclusive brew.

Exclusive as in you can get at The Red Hot, The Rosewood, and occasionally Hale’s Pub. That’s it. Nowhere else. Many lunchtime conversations are finally coming to fruition. Right now, in a nice sterile tank, our beer is being dry-hopped and conditioned. We should know something soon for the first round of sampling and talking. We’re both pretty steadfast in what we want, and since it will be a static handle at both of our places, it has to be killer.

Needless to say, we are two very happy BeerGeeks. Once our recipe is dialed in and all parties agreed, we’re planning an awesome launch par-tay for both places. I’ll update the blog-a-roo as details emerge.

Did I mention I am stoked?


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