Pierce County Community Shelters and Zombies


I scored some awesome shelter maps from a regular at The Red Hot. Set of 3 maps detailing where to go in case of nuclear fallout from the late 60’s. I hung the ones for Central and North Tacoma. From reading the back (pictured above), if nuclear fallout occurs, I suppose 50% of us will be holed up with pork and beans and canned carrots, and the other 50% will be really pissed off…and really tan. The one for Central tells us to “walk to Puget Sound College” to seek shelter. If we can’t make it, we’re all to dig ditches underneath cars and watch out for apocolyptic signs such as zombies and swarms of flying creatures. I’ll keep ’em hanging in case we need ’em again anytime soon. Maybe we can all drink beers and scarf hot dogs while contemplating whether to leave the building OR to make a stand against the hordes of nuclear zombies hell-bent on ridding the city of graffitti.


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