Darkest Day is upon us…

Every year, on December 21st, we experience the date which has the least amount of daylight during the year. For the past few years, we have embraced this date by celebrating with dark beer. Each year gets better, and this year is no exception. Here is the lineup of 16 delicious treats for the TRH 3rd Annual Darkest Day:

• 2011 Deschutes Abyss
• 2012 Deschutes Abyss
• 2014 Deschutes Abyss
• 2012 Deschutes Black Butte XXIV
• 2013 Deschutes Black Butte XXV
• 2014 Deschutes Black Butte XXVI
• Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti w/cherries
• Fremont Kentucky Dark Star
• Fremont Kentucky Coffee Dark Star
• Fremont Kentucky Spiced Dark Star
• Midnight Sun Berserker
• Midnight Sun Son of Berserker
• Midnight Sun Bar Fly Smoked Imperial Stout
• Naked City Big Lebrewski
• Two Beers Sour Barrel Aged Jive Espresso Stout
• Walking Man Jaywalker Imperial Stout

All beers will be 5.5oz pours only, ordered by number, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. This date falls on a Sunday this year, which means we will be open for breakfast (and Darkest Day) at 9am.

A limited number of TRH 3rd Annual Darkest Day tshirts (black ink on black shirts) are available now, but can be preordered if you wish.

We at TRH welcome the darkness, and cannot wait for Dec. 21, and you, to get here.


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