Dry Hop Fest

Today is the day. I’ve been working on this for a little while now. Dry hopping a beer boosts the hops character of the aroma and flavor of the brew, without increasing the bitterness. This is mostly done to IPA’s. I wanted everyone to enjoy the hops of their beer, not just IPA drinkers. It’s a chance to see how it affects their different styles. Each of these beers has been set aside for this occasion by their brewers, so thanks to them. Here’s the final lineup:

Port Townsend Quadruple Dry Hopped Hop Diggidy IPA
Elysian The Wise Dry Hop ESB
Fish Tale Double Dry Hop Organic IPA
Port Townsend Double Dry Hop Reel Amber
Schooner Exact Triple Dry Hop 3 Grid IPA
Two Beers Brewing Dry Hop 20:20 Blonde
Port Townsend Brewing Dry Hop Brown Porter
Hale’s Ales Dry Hop American Pale Ale
(Collaboration)Big Al’s Brewing/Snipes Mountain/Baron Brewing Co.’s Herberts Dry Hopped Legendary Cask Ale
Port Townsend NITRO dry hop Strait Stout

Port Townsend hooked us up this year with dry hopped versions of their beers, so we only felt it right to give a nod to their weirdness. Brewers are already asking about doing this for us next time. Info sheets will be available for those who want them, and you can also buy 4 oz tasters of these brews if you’d like to sample the lot.

All kegs tapped at 11am Wednesday March 25th, and go until they blow…


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