Elysian Brewing IPA Night @ TRH

Tonight we’re putting on a killer selection of IPA’s from our pals up at Elysian Brewing. Here’s the line up:

The Immortal IPA – 6.21%

Space Dust IPA – 7.2%

Avatar Jasmine IPA – 6.3%

Savant IPA – 6.3%

Valhalla Red IPA – 7.5%

Pash IPA – 6.8%

Knock On Nelson IPA (wood aged) – 7.1%

Little Bitty Pretty One IPA – 4.2%

All eight beers will be tapped at 5pm, and there is plenty to go around. Come try some stuff you’ve never had, and try the old stand-by’s. There’s not an iffy one in the whole bunch. The kitchen is making up a batch of fresh-baked beer pretzels for the evening as well, so get on it. See you tonight! 



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