Fast Franks #1

KFC/A&W Hybrid, 2006 6th Ave., Tacoma WA, 98403

Those seeking their hot dog fix in a most necessary manner will sooner or later look to those mega-chain fast food joints of the drive-up window variety. The closest to me is the A&W on the corner of 6th and Sprague. Actually, it’s one of those uncomfortably weird hybrid restaurants, in cahoots with KFC this time. Weird, that is, until you realize you could get the Colonel’s cole slaw to transform your Coney Dog at the same visit. I opted to keep it clean and classic…Coney Dog, with onions and mustard. Beer was of the ‘root’ variety.

Exhibit A
Small root beer, and styro-container containing today’s lunch/subject. Two packets of mustard accompany. Shocked to realize that the mustard is not between hot dog and chili, thusly violating a crucial rule of hot dogging. Move ahead as planned. Notice styro-container is stamped with logo proclaiming “The Coney Dog Preservation Society”:

Exhibit B
Coney Dog is not as shaken loose and disassembled as is normal for most drive-thru dogs. Eating ensues.

Exhibit C
Bun is a little dry for my tastes, but holds together after being subjected to the all important ‘first bite’ test. Condiments hold strong as well. Dog is skinless, has little to no body, but definitely not pegging out the ‘limp meter’ either. Not flooding with beefy goodness, but all-in-all, a decent run-of-the-mill frank. Does the job. Chili does not have the spice bite I prefer, but instead resembles that childhood memory of canned chili. Onions are nice and firm, good crunch, cool, and a good amount is present. Onion taste is strangely very good, odd for a establishment of this nature.

Root Beer was the house brand, A&W. Most A&W’s have the knowledge to not put ANY ice in with root beer, but nay, not this one. Luckily, I have fingers and fished it all out, but still…a man has his limits. Sugary and syrupy, but again, reminiscent of childhood days, so it gets the save. I mean really, who the hell expects perfect food from a drive thru? It did the job it was expected to do. Not bad for $3.38 ($1.79 – Coney Dog, $1.32 – small A&W Root Beer, and 27 cents that the tax man taketh away). The previously mentioned “Coney Dog Preservation Society” turned up not one result on Google. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nil. Google knows all. I call SHENANIGANS on you, A&W! What is this secret preservation society you speak of?!? I’m on the case…


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