Flame Kissed?

Camping has many qualities that bring us to the great outdoors, but we all know that one of those qualities is something that keeps us coming back again and again…the campfire dog:


Style of Dog: doesn’t matter

Bun: optional

Condiments: none

Cooking Time: varies

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack: all of the above

The campfire dog is flexible in all ways, with no restraints set for the way it is cooked, prepared, or consumed. I prefer extremely charred. Start it out over the coals, and finishing off over the flame. 30 seconds of hearing the ‘sizzle’ is my timer. Some prefer the slow roast, with only a touch of brown on the skin. Some prefer to not mess with formalities, and jam it into the flame, heat it up, and get straight to the important part of eating. Some like to forego all that “cooking” nonsense, and eat ’em nice and cold, straight out of their little shrinkwrapped sleeping bag. No matter the differences in cooking, it is only important that they all end up the same: delicious.


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