Almost forgot…

Yesterday, Red Hot neighbor to the East and fellow occupiers of 6th Avenue, House of Tattoo, ran a special on Halloween themed tattoos for $31. They made up a flash sheet, and that’s what you had to pick from. The most super-awesome part was, they had a Red Hot Frankenweenie as one of the choices!


If they were jobbing for free lunch for their crew, it worked! FANTASTIC! Don’t mind the distorted look of the pic, I couldn’t get a good angle. I got one, and 2 (possibly 3) of our bartenders did, too. I was flattered that our employees would do that. Anyway, yes, I have 2 hot dog tattoos now, I feel that may be a record of some sort…

H.O.T. also does Friday the 13th themed tattoos, and I will be there for that one, too (I believe the next one is February 13th, 2009).


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