Free Bicycle

You just gotta win it…

The PBR Bike that has hung in The Red Hot since we opened…the one we said we’d never give away…well…we’re giving it away.


Our one-year anniversary is right around the corner (AUGUST 16TH), and the bike is probably the source of the most asked question of “when are you gonna give that bike away?”.


It’s a single-speed cruiser with a coaster brake. Old school. It’s never been ridden, and the tires have only touched the ground inside the Red Hot where it was taken out of it’s shipping packaging. It will be given a once over by Red Hot pal Justin, one of the bike guys up at REI before you ride it away.


You can enter your name in the random raffle at The Red Hot once per day up until Saturday August 16th. The drawing will take place that eve during our big-ass celebration (we’ll be open out in our back parking lot for outdoor seating, there’s gonna be a hot dog eating contest, we’ll have a special “AugustFest” cask beer made especially for us by Fish Brewing, and all kinds of other fun stuffs). You must be present to win, and you must use the bike. If you do not use it, you will be hunted down and flogged. Many a patron has salivated over owning this bad scoot, so we want to see it go to a good home.


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