Frost Park Chalkies Inspire C@TRH?!??

Long tired of my little reader boards I used for tap and bottle lists, I finally got that nice, big chalkboard I’ve wanted:


That will be the cleanest you will ever see it.


It has scrawl on it like this now, always changing. I’m still waiting on some magazine and newspaper articles to get back from the plaque dood to fill the space around it.

Speaking of magazine articles…The Red Hot made it into a very cool regional rag by the name of Beer Northwest.

Beer Northwest featured TRH on half a page in their ‘openings’ section, as well as a nice paragraph about us in a huge article about Tacoma Watering Holes. I’ve totally loved this magazine since it’s first issue, so I was stoked to meet the editor, and then see our name in their pages. Amazing. You can get BeerNW for free at The Red Hot, The Parkway, The Rosewood, E-9, and many other places around town. Rad.


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