Get Max’d w/Lagunitas Brewing•12/29•6pm

Tomorrow night (Wednesday Dec 29) marks a little event that I’ve been looking forward to. The Red Hot will be giving away the very cool Lagunitas Mason Jars.

The folks over at Unnecessary Umlaut do a fine job of breaking down the info on the unique ‘measurements’ the LAH-GOO-KNEE-TUSS folks had molded into these little creations.
The reasoning behind this small event is that Lagunitas has finally started shipping casks in our area. Wednesday we’ll be tapping a cask of the very excellent Maximus IPA. We’ll also have a keg of one of my benchmark IPAs, Lagunitas IPA, flowing as well. The first 48 people get a free Lagunitas jar for their collection. “Beer Speaks”, they say, and I can’t wait to hear this cask of Maximus. Things get rollin’ with cask tapping at 6pm!


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