Hood Haps

Tomorrow my neighbors (Epworth LeSourd Church) are having a big-to-do. I’m not the church-going type, but it seems like a good time. It’s a dedication of their new KiKi McBride Memorial Court. KiKi passed away due to a sudden heart malfunction immediately after basketball at Foss High. The event is to name the new court, educate parents on hidden heart conditions, and create a safe place for kids to shoot hoops. The flyer on my door said there’s a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, 30-minute CPR classes, Seattle Storm Dance Troupe, some guest speakers, fun entertainment, food, and more. The pic I took out of my window (sorry about the screen) shows a stage being put together, and people buzzing everywhere. Some streets are closing for the event, but it’s at 710 South Anderson Street, free of charge. I hope I can get back from Kitsap County in time to catch some 3-on-3!


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