Hop Valley Nite; Tue 3/7, 5pm

Tonight our pals from the land down under (Oregon), Hop Valley Brewing, will be swinging by for a visit, and bringing in tow a bounty of always delicious beers. Here’s the rundown, which will all be tapped at 5pm:

•Citruss Mistress IPA
•Macho Libre IIPA
•Ahtanum Pale Ale
•Czech Your Head Pilsner
•VIP Porter (Vanilla Infused Porter)
•The Wolfe Barley Wine

Not your every day easy to get tap list, so we’re stoked to put these all on together. Good Times Rob from Hop Valley will be hosting, and the delicious beers will be flowing.

A wise man once said: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the hop, I will fear no delicious beer. Thy hot dog and thy sausage, they comfort me.” So, really, it’s gonna be great. Get some.


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