Hot Dog Hits #’s 1 & 2

Longtime pal and all-around swell member of the human race, Jeff Miller, stopped these gems by to add to our growing collection of swag for the walls.


The Five Shades dropped ‘One Hot Dog (and an orange drink)‘ on the MGM label. A raspy soul boogie, and that sweet saxamaphone gives it that party stomp. Dig the baritone ‘I like hot dogs, how bout you?’ to end the chorus. Killer. It came ready to hang, framed with killer backpaper to boot.


Randy and Ricky gave us ‘Six Hot Dogs To Go’, released on the Presta label. No listen on this one, as the complete framed package was too hard to open. Jeff is the master of framing weird collectibles. Just drop by his new location for a Tacoma institution, Golden Oldies, on 6th Ave.

He moved off of South Tacoma Way a while back, and having this goldmine close to my home and work makes living in Tacoma that much sweeter. As I write, I’m sitting next to a stack of vintage NW Rock photos that Jeff dug up to hang at The Red Hot. Jeff is the man. If any record nerds are reading, take note…all those crazy reissues coming out on Norton Records and other record labels??? Chances are, Jeff had a hand in a lot of it. The new headstone for Rockin’ Robin Roberts? Jeff organized it. The humble guy is a walking computer if it has to do with ANYTHING related to Pacific NW Rock. Go visit (3016 6th Avenue) and pick his brain, then buy his wares. CRAZY records abound in his new shop. Rumor is, he has a “Be Back Soon, Eating at The Red Hot” sign sometimes posted in his window.


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