I got the Oskar Blues…

Last night I was at The Parkway to do a vertical tasting of Wassail Winter Ale (2005, 2006, and 2007 being represented, with 2006 being the ass-kickingest one), as well as have a pint of Wreck the Halls ran through the Randall. Oh, how I love beer. It reminded me I need to address more of the ‘beer’ side of my “beer and hot dogs” blog.

I have a slew of tasty beers to review, but I am most excited about carrying delicious craft beer…in a can. Most people think of the aluminum can as vessel for cheap swill (of which I am a fan, as well), not anything remotely classified as a craft beer. Well, dear readers, you’d be wrong to assume so. Oskar Blues Brewing in Lyons, Colorado has been canning their amazing brews for exactly 5 years now.

Stellar beer, folks. Their Dale’s is a monster brew, hoppier than most other pale ales (and weiging in at 6.5%ABV, it has more oomph than most in it’s class, too). It has a great smell to it, and the ale itself borders on what some classify as an IPA. Nice, fluffy head when poured. This beer plain kicks ass.
The Old Chub is no slacker, especially in the, errrr, oomph part…8% ABV! Wow. That’s a lot of beer for such a little container. A clean Scottish Ale big on malts, just like a good Scottish Ale should be. This bad boy is deadly and goes down easy.

There’s a killer video on the Oskar Blues site about them and the mighty can:

Click here to watch it!

Like I said, I love beer. It’ll be in stock down at The Red Hot Friday, $3 a can.

I’ll be posting more beer stuff, as well as my new adventures in homebrewing as I dust off my old carboy and get back to brewing my own again.


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