Metalocalypse Mondays

So even though I didn’t make the list, a handful of Tacoma’s blogging community has asked me about what in the hell to do about Mondays without American Gladiators (returning May 12, 2008) or Monday Night Football.

Never one to look away from ridiculousness, I give you Metalocalypse Mondays.

A short summary:

Metalocalypse follows the exploits of the part-American/part-Scandinavian death metal band Dethklok. Although the name is usually spelled “Dethklok,” almost all of the band logos have it spelled as “Dëthkløk.” Dethklok follows true-to-life metal styling, one example being their death metal-oriented song, “Murmaider,” about “mermaid murder.” They enjoy a popularity level unheard of in reality, rising to become “the twelfth largest economy on Earth” (larger than Belgium). They are so popular that impressionable fans will often do anything their songs tell them, even if it means death. If Dethklok endorses a product or service, it quickly drives every competitor out of business. The band’s unnatural popularity has attracted the attention of an Illuminati-style group, known as the Tribunal. Each episode sees this group attempt to covertly thwart the band by calling in various “specialists”, such as “military pharmaceutical psychotropic drug manufacturers”, “celebrity depression specialists” or various psychopaths that attempt to infiltrate the group. It is alluded to on the show that several Washington think tanks specifically related to the band exist.

5 11-minute episodes every Monday (also Industry Night for those in the biz), starting at 7pm at The Red Hot.


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