Moisture Festival 2008 @ Hale’s Ales

Sunday we loaded up the family truckster and pointed it north towards Seattle. Having never heard of, and therefore never been a part of the annual Moisture Festival, I thought it fitting to give her a go. The day we went they were showcasing New Old Time Chautauqua (shuh-tok-wuh). At first I was a bit skeptical, but after settling in and realizing it was a bunch of people celebrating total ridiculousness and fun at any and all expense, I was totally sold. Think vaudeville. It’s billed as “a comedy/varieté celebration”. Flying Karamazov Brothers…giant puppets…grown men and women acting the fool…juggling…poetry…scantily clad bodies…singing…dancing…some weird interpretive thing that was actually entertaining…and more. Variety indeed.






All that vaudevillian shenanigans got me thinking…where have our Horns of Destiny been hiding? Does one have to erect The Red Hot Outdoor Palladium (more on this later) to get you out of hiding?


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