One for the W Column

A beautiful evening at Mr. Cheney’s, made even more beautiful as MY Tacoma Rainiers layed down a 7-5 win over some visiting cornhuskers. Adam Jones had a pair of homers…one that hit the top of left field and then jumped over, and then a crushing blow to left center. The hometown club got the bats working after a grip of errors, but not bad for a travel-weary team that spent the entire day learning the dark side of airport life.

As is fitting, me and my wife-to-be enjoyed the great american ballpark dinner. A Brat for her (and as much as I love that woman, her desire to deface any member of the sausage family with ketchup simply baffles me):
and a Super Dog for me:
The knotted up, dry buns alarmed me at first, especially since these were purchased pre-game…but, as mentioned before…everything tastes great at the ballpark.

Our hometown boys have 7 more games in this stretch at home, and Friday kicks off the later 7:05 game start.


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