Longtime pal and regular commenter/contributor to this blog, The jLo, has been systematically bent over the barrel as local thieves helped themselves to items in his Fortress of Solitude, i.e. his garage, last night. Here’s a dispatch from the man himself:

One Roxy Classic 148 snowboard w/ Roxy Classic white bindings. A white and blue floral top and base graf. *Snowboard has “Trust J*son L**king” sticker on topsheet.

One Lib Tech Magne-Traction 160 snowboard w/ Bent Metal Binders. A black and green sword base with a black and green bird/sword motif on the topsheet. *Snowboard has a “Trust J*son L**king” and NMVGPTS sticker on the topsheet, along with various other Lib Tech and Bent Metal stickers.

One CAPiTA Cut and Paste 161 snowboard w/ Technine Bindings. Black/White/Monotone mixed media graf. *Snowboard has “Trust J*son L**king” sticker on topsheet, along with other various Bent Metal, NMVGPTS and CAPiTA stickers..

Are you seeing a pattern here?

One Lib Tech Dark Series 164 snowboard w/ Bent Metal Binders. Pretty much white and grey. *Snowboard has “Trust J*son L**king” sticker on topsheet, along with various other Bent Metal, Lib Tech, NMVGPTS and CAPiTA stickers.

One Gnu Barrett Christy 152 snowboard. No bindings.

One Craftsman 16 gal. Shop-Vac, minus the hose extension they dropped. Unfortunately, these last two items did not carry the “Trust J*son L**king” badge of hopeyoufoundem. Looks like they were startled as they dropped the hose extension and the Ryobi tool case containing my circular saw.

Please, if anyone sees or hears anything let me know. Items were stolen from the 48th & Yakima neighborhood of Tacoma.

If you see any of this stuff, take a bite out of crime and help a brotha out at jlo_king at hotmail dot com


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