Poor Neglected Winter Beer Thing

Ok, this is the last week of neglecting this blog. I miss sitting down for a few minutes and pecking away my thoughts on beer, hot dogs, and The Red Hot.

So now for some beer talk…Winter Beer season!

I do not fancy myself a beer snob, but I do fancy myself a beer drinker. Snow Cap, Wassail, Jolly Roger, Jubelale, Wreck the Halls…it really does go on and on. I’ve decided to tap Snow Cap, Full Sail Wassail, and Wreck the Halls as my Winter Beer offerings. I am sure I will be spending a fair amount of time this winter down at the Parkway (which has somehow graciously become the big sister bar to The Red Hot), especially next week at their awesome Jubelpalooza (kegs of Jubelale from 2006, 2007, 2008, and a cask conditioned keg from 2007 to round it out).

If you dear readers are thirsty now, this Wednesday I am doing my first ever Brew Night at The Red Hot with one of my favorite breweries, Georgetown Brewing. Manny’s, Roger’s, Chopper’s….all on tap, $3 a pint from 6-9pm, and free G-Town shiz will be in effect. I’ve never needed an excuse to drink a few pints, but if you do, there ya go.

And by the by…The Tacoma Beer Society rolled in one rainy night. Awesome peeps. If you are indeed a drinker of beers, you should be attending their little shindigs, which, as I am sure you can guess from their name, are very beer-centric.


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