Rainy Daze IPA Nite;WED May 6th, 5pm!

If you were not paying attention, you might have missed the beginning of something great. There’s a small brewery, in a small town, making big waves. Rainy Daze Brewing is located in Silverdale, WA. Our new pal Mike has been steadily turning out delicious small-batch beer for a bit, and being lovers of good beer, we’ve been serving it. We started to notice Rainy Daze beer starting to move faster than the larger, more established quality brewers in the area. Then we noticed it started moving really fast. That means you, our beer loving pals, noticed him, too.

All of Mike’s beers are incredibly solid, but his IPAs have really taken hold here at TRH. That’s why we decided to show off pretty much every IPA he makes at the same time. We’re tapping these all at 5pm tonight, and here’s the tap list:

•Hypocrite IIPA
•Back Seat Driver IPA
•Pourhouse IPA
•Only the Tip Spruce Tip IPA
•Rainy Rye IPA
•Sod SLayer IPA

All of these beers move fast, and some pretty much fly out. This is a way to try stuff you may have missed, or just enjoy your old fave. Mike will be here bullshitting with everyone, and great beer will ensue.



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