Red Hot Art on the Ave

Art on the Ave is back! We’ll be opening at 11 am this Sunday. We’ll have a sidewalk table (featuring a brown-bag special for those who want a meal on the go…all beef hot dog, bag of chips, moon pie, and a RC Cola) and seating set up out front on the Ave (rest your feet and grab some eats), and we’ll have an outdoor beer garden set up out back (with an additional 4 handles pouring out back as well) with tons of seating. You can even duck inside for an air conditioning break. It’s always a killer time. I hear the Fashion Show next door at The Wedding Bell will be making a trip thru our beer garden as well.

If you hate crowds, the AOTA stuffs is over at 5, & we’ll be open to our regular Sunday close time of 10pm. Word.


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