Remedy me this…and 6th Ave Farmers Market

Tacoma has a lot of bars and taverns. That means Tacoma has a lot of hangovers. Simple math and logic dictates that Tacoma needs more hangover remedies. I know a lot of them. Tried and tested true. Most people always opt for the Bloody Mary. Me, I can’t stand the things.

I was asked for a Bloody Mary one Saturday morn, and being that the Good Ship Red Hot doesn’t serve spirits, I could not comply with the order. “Well, how about make something close to it…”

Red Hot Red Beers ensue.

Good ole’ red beer (beer and tom juice, natch.). Special mix o’ spices. Hot pepper and my good pal Oh Boy Oberto beat up the traditional celery stick and finish this masterpiece off. Good to the last drop. Bloody Mary be damned, and don’t knock it ’til you try it. Cures what ails ya. We’re serving them up Saturdays starting at 11am.


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