Return of the Update

So Sunday was Art On the Ave, something I welcome every year. This year, The 6th Ave Biz District contacted me about using some power for food vendors. I agreed, and showed up early to pull a cord out, but turns out it wasn’t needed after all. I decided to do some work, and to take down the paper that disrupts the fishbowl effect. I was surprised at just how many people stopped by to look inside and ask questions. Lots of local biz people, Festival Goers, and people who I knew, but they didn’t know about my Red Hot plans. A pretty fun day as I worked away in my very own living history museum.
I mainly worked on laying up the bartop. Lots of intersecting and overlapping layers makes for lots of work. My final design of the bartop leaves me with 46 lineal feet of bartop surface. It fits because where it intersects the wall, it continues along the wall itself, turns again, goes on front of a window, then ends, making for a sort of a ‘question mark’ shape. I love it. It’s actually very roomy and spacious to be in such a small area. And before anyone else asks, YES, there will be underbar hooks for coats and purses!:)
Most of the painting is done as well, except for minor touchups, and in the new ‘hallway’ addition (it’s sheetrock goes up tomorrow afternoon!). Both bathrooms are yellow, one with brown floor and green trim and ceiling, one with white-and-red check floor and white ceiling. They both are similar, yet eerily different. Main room is red with yellow trim, and the unfinished bar will be black and natural woodgrain. Tacoma’s man-about-town and all-around swell individual Pat ‘Pakky’ Bostwick will apply the final finish coat to make her shine when I finish building it. That will be a sight to see!
This week also marks the fact that not only was the plumbing work called about, estimated, scheduled, and performed, but it also passed inspection, all within a 2 day period. I still have a little superintendant magic stored up after all.
Security system went in on Monday, Plumbing was Tuesday, tomorrow will be first equipment delivery, and Friday will be mirror delivery. Whew. The clock continues to tick…


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