Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

So begins the dance of permits, applications, and plan reviews.

Took plans for simple project to put a $500 6′ long by 4′ wide hallway in to gain access to the bathroom in the adjacent space through a non-load bearing wall. I guess ‘simple’ is not the way to put it. City Engineer said they don’t know, that I might have to put a new bathroom in MY space, because “what if” the next space over decides they need another bathroom. I was kind of taken off-guard by the ‘what-if’. Next door has no tenant yet. Owners of building have given me the go-ahead for the project. I kind of don’t see the reasoning, but this is not the first time. No need to get flustered, because in the end, YOU MUST COMPLY 🙂

Everything will work out, it’s just the numerous and orderly steps that must be taken in such a small amount of time that I’ll never get used to. I’ll be talking to another engineer next week (this is to get the tenant improvement permit), so hopefully it gets resolved then. Everything needs to be done by Thursday, so I can send the finalized floorplan to Liquor Control Board. Other than that, I’m on the case for Health Department approval (with yet another monster application and review process), need to fill out my lighting application, finish the plumbing diagram, and an electrical diagram…all before any of the previous mentioned deadlines can be met. It’ll all be worth it. Sleep is overrated anyway.


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