Session Fest

Our pals at NW Beer Guide have organized a very cool thing in The Session Fest, starting next week and lasting 7 days. They’ve got together a grip of pubs/taverns/ale houses that like to play with beer to get behind this new project. We’ll be the only ones in Tacoma partaking this year.

So what exactly is a “session” and how does it apply to beer? Definitions abound, but our organizing pals define it as:

Session drinking is drinking in large quantities over a single period of time, or session, without the intention of getting heavily intoxicated. Unlike binge drinking, the focus is on the social aspects of the occasion. A session beer…is a beer that has a moderate or low alcohol content

So all next week, we’ll be participating by spotlighting beers lower than 5.2%ABV. We’ll even be pouring them for 3 and-a-half bucks. Stone Brewing, Hales Ales, Anchor Brewing, Maritime Pacific Brewing, and Baron Biers will all be making the rounds on our handles for this ongoing week-long event, as well as a few others.


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