Tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 20th), The Red Hot will host yet another fabulous brewer’s night. This time, we welcome Everett,WA’s Lazy Boy Brewing! We’ll have Lazy Boy IPA, Amber, Porter, and their new seasonal you’ll be hardpressed to find on tap…MIstletoe Bliss…on tap for $3 a pint from 7 to close. Not to turn a blind eye to our hot dog pals, we’re going to cook up a batch of bratwurst in Lazy Boy’s Belgian Strong Golden Ale to fill you up while the pints are flowing. Come meet the brewer’s and win free schwag!

Wednesday (Wednesday Nov 21st) the Red Hot unveils it’s new holiday hot dog…The Thanksgiving Dinner Dog. This is a turkey dog topped with mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce, served with a small pecan pie. $4 will buy you a holiday meal on a bun.

Thursday (Nov 22nd) is Thanksgiving. While most toil away at relatives houses in uncomfortable sweaters, we’ll open our doors at 5pm to welcome you in for more Thanksgiving Dinner Dogs and cold beer. Let us be your substitute family. Football is on, and movie night will play as usual, featuring Smokey and the Bandit. Word.


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