St. Patty’s Alternative?

I’m mostly of Irish decent, if you take stock in that sort of thing. My wife is full-blooded Irish with clovers and all. Neither of us is big into St. Patty’s Day. Neither of us needs and excuse to have a drink, either. If you are or do, please spare all of us who have dealt with our Catholic guilt and potato-and-cabbage-eating upbringing by not proclaiming to the world that you are Irish today, so “it’s ok” if you’re totally hammered off 3 weak-ass beers.

There’s a ton of great happening’s all over Tacoma tonight, with Doyle’s and O’Malley’s leading the pack as usual. I’ve been to both for St. Patty’s Day in the past, and neither will disappoint with their kick-ass celebrations!

If green beer, fake Irish accents and rubbing elbows with rookie drinkers are not your scene…

The Red Hot is doing biz as usual with the addition of Metalocalypse Mondays. It’s still Industry Night, so all bartenders, servers, cooks and the like can throw back $2.50 pints from 6 til close.

Metalocalypse starts at 7, and the hot dogs will be delicious as always!


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