Sun 2/5: Franco’s Italian Sausage Sandwich, TRH IPA Beer Bowl, and The Big Game…

Sunday February 4th, we unleash Franco’s Italian Sausage Sandwich, an ode to football great Franco Harris, unto the masses.

This 1/3 pound sweet Italian sausage is put in a fresh baked French roll, covered in homemade marinara sauce and sliced provolone cheese, and topped with parmesan cheese. This special will run for one day only, no additions, 11am to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted.

The TRH IPA Beer Bowl kicks off at 3pm. This year, kegs of Schooner Exact 3-Grid IPA and Two Beers Brewing Evo IPA will be tapped at 3pm. Pints of each are only $3.75. First keg to blow wins the title, and whoever orders the pint that kicks the keg will earn a token of appreciation. Winner of this match will defend this prestigious title next year.

The “other” Bowl game is on at 3:30pm as The New York Football Giants take on the Patriots of New England. New projector just went up, big screen looks better than ever, and the dogs and beer will be flowing. See. You. There.


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