Sun 2/6: Beer From Here, and For Your Rear…

Yes, we know Rainier beer is no longer made in Washington. Total and complete bummer. On the flip side, there is no denying the memories that big red “R” will drum up. If you are above enjoying the simple macro beer of our region, this is not for you. However, if you tip back a tall can every now and then around the campfire, then this IS for you:


Rainier. Beer. Camp. Chairs.

Complete with double can holders, these are sure to bless your next outdoor adventure, be it in your backyard, or the wilds of our beautiful state.


Even the backs of these beauties will label your seat for easier locating after a trip to the nearest tree…


Each comes complete with it’s own carrying/storage device, for the person on the go…

We’ve been holding onto this pair for quite some time, and will be raffling them off during halftime of the Super Bowl, Sunday February 6. They go as a pair, so just like in Highlander, in the end (middle?) there can be only one (winner).


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