Tacoma Wayzgoose Ought-Eight

After pulling 5 years of self-publishing, I was excited to see a small-press event here in Tacoma. A beautiful Tacoma day started out well as we mosied on down to King’s Books for the Wayzgoose going’s on. As we arrived, the young one immediately saw the “steam” roller (Sorry…15 years in the trades,2 of which were spent driving all forms of equipment, disallows me from using the common terminology since it is actually not steam-powered. I bit my tongue when she asked me what it was and I called it a steamroller. I’m such a tool.).

Before we entered the store, the young one stopped at the paper-making booth and immediately asked what exactly it was she was looking at. A hands-on demo came next, and I was jealous I couldn’t do it. Here’s the heiress to the hot dog fortune of Tacoma on the production line:

We cruised inside and marveled at all the hands-on tables where people were hocking their wares. All sorts of booklets, cards, books, and prints, and all backed by how exactly it was made from people all-to-kind to explain it all over and over for each group of people. The young one got to make all sorts of prints, free of charge, and I was stoked to catch a glimpse of that moment where you see the gears on your child’s head start turning, processing it all. It was way cool for people to explain their craft, and even cooler for them to show you how to do it. We amassed a small pile of self-made artwork to take home with us (As if Beautiful Angle posters weren’t cool enough, now I have one for the collection that my daughter made. Too cool!), as well as a stack that we purchased. On the way out of King’s, we scoped out steam-roller printing in progress:

Pretty dang cool. It produced 3′ x 3′ prints like these that were drying on the sidewalk:



I couldn’t find where to buy raffle tickets to win one of the prints, and nobody could tell whether they would be for sale, so that wrapped it up for us. I couln’t bear to brave the masses inside again (NOTE: How is it that I am a giant of a man…6-foot 6-inches tall, 300-plus pounds, and I can easily navigate a crowd without stepping on one foot or without bumping into everyone around me…yet 70% of people find it necessary to invade the personal space of any and every person within a 6-foot radius without so much as an “excuse me”?).

It was an amazing event. A great turnout at a killer community event with tons of familiar faces. I can’t believe I didn’t know about the preceding 3 that have happened, but I know I can’t wait for the next one. Anybody win the Bing Crosby print, and might entertain the notion of unloading it?


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