TBT’s Tacoma Best Beer Selection…

The Tacoma Brews Tribune is a most of the time “awesome”, and some of the time “I-can’t-believe-they-said-that” blog based mainly in industry-specific topics that your average beer-head could care less about (distribution company mergers, who’s-who in liquor sales, etc.), yet nonetheless remains extremely interesting and informative to read. BlogMaster O’Gara is now reaching out to readers with a poll:

Tacoma Brews Tribune Readers Poll-Best Beer Selection in T-Town

The TBT guys are raising eyebrows in the beer industry, raising awareness of a new wave of beer mongers hell-bent on chiseling away at Seattle’s near-monopoly on limited-edition craft beer availability (the industry term is “product allocation”). I’ve participated in some of their “We Drink Beer So You Don’t Have To” reviewers posts (where I take full credit for introducing the “Dump Bucket Tasting”), which contains a weekly rotating review panel of bar owners, managers, tenders, sales and brewery reps, and the ilk. Very cool, I can’t where to see how this blog evolves.


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