The Red Hot / E-9 Brewery Collabeeration Nickel IPA Project

Here at TRH, we’re about to celebrate 5 years of being open. To help us in this celebration, we collaborated with our pals across the street at E-9 Brewery to come up with a anniversary beer. In celebration of 5 years, we dubbed it the Nickel IPA, brewed it as a low ABV session IPA (5%, natch), and will be serving up 5 different versions of it: Nickel IPA, Golden Nickel IPA (infused w/Puyallup golden berries), Green Nickel IPA (double dry-hopped), Wooden Nickel IPA (oaked), and Real Nickel IPA (cask conditioned). All versions will be on tap in our final outdoor beer garden of the year next Saturday, August 18th. Thanks to Shane and Sean at E-9 for letting us get in the way to help brew this delicious beer!


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