The Top is tops…

Yesterday was the big hooray for opening the doors to Tacoma’s newest cool thing:
The Top of Tacoma.
I dropped in after work at around 12:30am. Packed. Despite the line at the bar, I received my well-made libation in short order, with a smile. Tops, I say.

I’ve known Jaime from her excellent work behind the bar at Magoo’s, and Jason from the times he’s owned me at hold ’em poker homegames. It’s been awesome talking to them as we’ve both opened up our respective places, and enjoy the conversations we had on people in our age group finally starting up businesses. We’ve had run-ins at the equipment dealers, trading info on who’s flim-flamming, and who has the best deals on what. Discussed which distributor has the hook-up, and what distributor could care less. Traded info on floor finishes. Swapped contacts for people in the know at the health department. Just what to expect at final inspection…and what, exactly, is the coolest current pinball game.

I am truly stoked these guys opened up shop, and you should be, too. Very awesome people, and a very awesome spot. Congrats to The Top!


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