The Update Strikes Back

So the past 2 weeks have been filled with all kinds of business-starting goodness.

Blaze Electric (the super awesome people who helped me and a handful of others keep the Java Jive open a while back when it fell into Code Hell) slam-dunked the electrical in 2 days. It now awaits inspection, which I believe might happen today.IMG_0797.JPG

Me and the fellas had another grill master session, and tried out the all-natural turkey dog that The Red Hot will carry. It boasts the ‘free range’ and ‘no hormone’ tags amongst others, but the only tag it needs is that they are deeeeeelicious.

The grill master sessions continue: a longtime vegi-friend of mine taste-tested a vegi-dog (that’s a lot of hyphens), and made this spectacular double-decker vegi-feast-on-a-bun:

My good pal sparkrobot whipped up my new logo, since he’s got the mad design skills:

Beer reps, distro reps, and all kinds of reps have been stopping by to push their wares. Hale’s get’s the nod as first reps on the scene. I’d like to carry maybe their Drawbridge Blonde, one of the few blondes I like, or maybe their Red Menace Amber, one of the few ambers with any sort of flavor left. Deee-lish.

All in all, things are happening at a good pace. I’m aiming to open up on August 1, but we’ll see how the next few weeks pan out.

p.s.-who knew there were so many linen services in this town?


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