This Saturday, Tacomans…

This Saturday, the bartending duo known as Chris and Chris, aka Team Sexy, aka C&C Sexy Factory, aka Big C and Lil’ C, aka Chris Kross will be taking the night off to act like they are in their 20’s again.

One of the Chris’s will be rocking the mic fronting a bunch of fools known as Gold Teeth.

The other Chris will be there as Spiritual Advisor. They shall share the bill with Seattle’s The Coloffs, as well as Mico de Noche from parts unknown. The show will happen at The Java Jive, and it’s free to get in and act the fool with us.

FEAR NOT!!!!!!!! The Red Hot will be rocking as usual, and this time the USS Red Hot will be crewed by the entire female cast of characters that works there!

Captain Jenn and First Mate Megan will host the party, but if you get out of line, Sargeant at Arms Ann will make you walk the plank! All that estrogen will probably make the hot dogs and beer taste better! If that’s not enough, UFC PPV on the big screen!

All this cross-town action will make your head spin, but we know you’re up for it!

p.s. – “Tacoma’s Smallest Art Show™” coming soon!


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