TRH Glassware Night WED 1/19: Hopworks Urban Brewing

The venerable Hopworks Urban Brewing hammers home the words “sustainability” and “delicious”. Portland, Oregon, USA is home to these crafters of amazing beers. On Wednesday, January 19th, you can chisel off a little piece of them to call your own. Hopworks pint glasses are going to the early birds who saddle up and imbibe featured Hopworks libations at TRH.

Hopworks Logo A-Go-Go

The other side…

Chain Gang

Glassware is for the first 48 people that partake in a pint of Hopworks creations. When they’re gone, they’re gone (free glasses go fast!). Featured that night will be Hopworks AMAZING new seasonal, Secession CDA, and a TRH fave, Hopworks IPA. Gratis glassware starts when both kegs are tapped at 6PM.
Secession new label


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