WA Hop Mob Road Show; WED 2/18, 11am

The WA Hop Mob Road Show began last year as yet another showcase for the great brewers of WA state. From our pals over at WA Hop Mob:

The 2nd Annual Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow (Hop Mob) is a two-week celebration of the hoppiest of all Washington-brewed beer styles. Over 30 Washington breweries signed up to produce special batches of Triple IPA to pour at a series of events around the Puget Sound region during February.

The event showcases Washington-brewed Triple IPAs, perhaps the most boldly hoppy of all beer styles. Typically this style of beer weighs in at more than 10 percent Alcohol by Volume and features profound hop character, whether in the form of bitterness, aroma, or both.

We are the only Pierce County stop for the Road Show this year, and will be hosting our event on Wednesday February 18th, with all kegs tapped when we open at 11am. All pours will strictly be 6oz pours. Here are the 14 delicious Triple IPA’s we’ll have starting at 11am, brewed right here in WA:

•7 Seas Trident 10.3%
•Black Raven Birdserker 10.2%
•Fremont Triple Trifecta 11.8%
•Georgetown Kiss Ass Blaster 11.4%
•Rainy Daze Tri-Power 11%
•Stoup Brewing TR2 Haymaker 10.5%
•Snipes Mountain Hayduke The Wrencher 9.3%
•Reubens Brews Blimey Thats Bitter 10.5%
•Naked City Cry Me A River 10%
•Bainbridge Brewing Hoptopus Rex 10.3%
•Maritime Pacific Hop Surge 11.2%
•Pike Hopulus Erectus 9.5%
•Boundary Bay Dry Hopped IIIPA 9.7%
•Spinnaker Bay What? A Tripp 10.9%



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