Update and the Temple of….OK, it’s just another update.


The Red Hot is about ready to set sail. This week marked sign-off on final building inspection, as well as sign-off on the health department pre-opening inspection. Things are making their way onto the walls. I believe the flag company stated I was the only person in recent memory that DID NOT work for the city to ever purchase a City of Tacoma flag. Awesome.

This week’s other milestone was the arrival of my pinball tables. My favorite game, Addam’s Family, proved to hard to snag right now. Same with my #2 (Twilight Zone). Instead I got the totally fun Jack-Bot.
When I lived in Seattle, I was a devout student of Pin-Bot, and later, Bride of Pin-Bot. This is the third in the series, and stacks up well. It has crazy casino side games, a fast table, and killer extra features (ability to cheat on the casino games, ability to cheat to increase your bonuses after you get the drain, etc). VERY fun game, as I have dumped at least $15 into it in the past 2 days. Each game is 50 cents for 3 balls. If you load in $2 at once, you’ll get 5 games.

The other game I scored was a 1976 Bally’s Freedom.
Old School. One of the first games to convert from mechanical wheel score readouts to digital display. Too many operators freaked out over the new-fangled digital readouts, so I guess 2 versions exist…one with mechanical wheel, and one that was the digital. I dig the bells and the slower playfield. It has a great nostalgic feel, reminding me of dropping quarters into the pins at the old Sub-Station 2 in the city where I grew up. I’ve plunked at least $10 into this one in the past 2 days. 5 balls for 50 cents.

Sound is almost installed, and the projection screen is in and working. Bar finish is up to 3 coats, but 3 more are planned. Have to frame a few more things. Main sign is ordered. First food order shows up tomorrow. Only so much time in a day.

BTW. If anyone knows of a good out-going bartender who wants to work a Friday and Saturday night shift with another bartender pouring beer and wine, making dogs, and hosting the party, tell ’em to swing by. I’m usually there from 8am to 6 pm every day. I’m pretty amazed the best shifts are the only ones not filled, but I know it’s only a matter of time.


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