We Got Your Back(side) & Bike Racks

Yesterday we waged war in an epic battle against bar-butt, and were victorious by putting in new barstool tops on all our stools. The new padding was waging war against literal pains-in-the-asses of many a Tacoman. Reports are in that the new seats are ‘comfy’.

I’ve also been writing the City for over a year asking about getting new bike racks in front of TRH
. I’m not sure if that was the reason, but yesterday some nice people showed up and added 2 new racks in front of our building.

It was not uncommon for our tiny single rack to house 8 or more bikes at a time, and we’ve chased more than one lousy bike thief after nabbing a patron’s unlocked bike because of no room on the rack.

We started letting people bring their bikes in, but that got too crowded too fast. This is a very welcome change. Thanks City Bike Rack People!


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