Wed 9/28: OktoBeerFest Night, 5pm

Harvest time makes us all a little bit giddy. Fresh Hop Beers, Harvest Beers, and Oktoberfest Beers all hit, and it is the time of year most people associate with Seasonal Beer changes. Tonight we mix it all up for a great time. We’ll spotlight some special beer, and some special food.

As many of you know, we’ve been growing and experimenting with our own hops for some time now. This year, with some help from our pals at 7 Seas Brewing, we’ve taken it another step forward…the birth of the TRH Estate Dry Hop Project IPA.

Here is what we’re putting on tap for tonight’s festivities:

Ayinger OktoberFest-Marzen
The Ayinger Brewery has been owned & operated by the same family since 1878. This award winning Marzen Lager has a rich, golden color, a slightly sweet, malty nose, with medium to big body & alcohol. The soft dryness is from the long maturation. World renowned Festival Beer.

Veltins Pilsner
Veltins Brauerei has been brewing since 1824. It is still independent & family owned, and still adheres to the Reinheitsgebot Purity Law from 1516. In the North German tradition, Veltins uses a generous amount of hops from the Hallertau region of Bavaria. Regarded as one of the finest examples of a German Pilsner.

Bayreuther Bierbrauerei Zwick’l Kellerbier
The brewery was started in the small Franconian village of Bayreuth in North Bavaria in 1857. In 1872 the brewery went public and sold shares to the towns people. The town of Bayreuth owns Bayreuther and they are proud of it. The Bayreuther Zwick’l is a classic example of a Bavarian Kellerbier, a unfiltered lager that is aged with wood & lagered longer than a typical helles lager. Copper in color, the beer pours with a creamy white head and finishes clean & crisp. Traditionally saved & drank by the brewmaster only, the Zwick’l is one of the only beers of its kind being imported.

7 Seas Hop Prophet
A 100% ‘wet’ hop ale utilizing Amarillo and Centennial varieties that go from vine to kettle within hours. Exclusively brewed with wet hops at a rate of over 7 pounds per barrel (31gal) of beer, the Hop Prophet yields an aroma of fresh citrus zest followed by a delicate, yet pronounced juicy bitterness. A blend of domestic Pale Ale malt, British Marris Otter malt, and a touch of crystal malt, contribute a clean, off-dry mouthfeel with subtle notes of honey and melon fruit.

7 Seas / The Red Hot Estate Grown Hops dry-hop Project IPA
Literally grown right outside our backdoor, our own “Estate Grown” hops (Centennial & Chinook varities) were taken to 7 Seas Brewing on September 22nd and added to a keg of Rude Parrot IPA. This dry hopped version is the result. Only one keg exists, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

And in addition to our regular menu, you can try the following special treats:

The Bismarck: A 1/3 lb bratwurst sausage served in a pretzel roll, with your choice of stone ground mustard or curried ketchup, topped with our own cider braised sauerkraut.

Landjaeger: Meaning “country hunter”, this is a spicy, dried sausage, a popular snack in Southern Germany & Switzerland. Served with stone ground mustard.

Pretzel: Baked fresh this morning by our pals at Hess German Bakery, this is the best pretzel in the Northwest. Served with stone ground mustard.

The beers and special additional menu get the night started off at 5pm. We’ll have some prizes and giveaways throughout, and good time SHALL ensue. Specialty food items and beers are limited, and only available while supplies last! See you tonight!


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