Where’s McGruff When I Need Him?

This morning I awoke to a very warm day about to begin, as well as a smashed out rear-quarter window on my trusty Ford Escape.
Being a roller derby coach means that my car is by default the ‘Team Transport’ vehicle. I shuttle my sig other (our team’s star blocker) and any other teammates who need a lift to practice. This means that gear sometimes resides in the back. Well, I hate to say I told ya so, but the window smasher made off with 2 pair of derby skates (coming in at a cool $500-$750 a pair…special designed boots, billet plates, aluminum hub wheels, etc.), 2 complete sets of wrist, elbow, and knee pads (close to $200 for all of it), 2 helmets ($20 to $30 apiece), a spare set of outdoor wheels ($80), tools and personal effects that were in the two gear bags. Can you say “Bummer”?
I filed a report, called my insurance guy, and went in to work on The Red Hot while being so pissed I could barely see straight. After an hour passes with me mulling over my $250 car deductible and $500 homeowners deductible, I get a call from a Tacoma Police officer asking me to describe the stolen items. Guess what? Someone found most of it in a nearby alley, and called the police since it was covered in broken glass. Good Sam saves the day, GO TACOMA! One of our skaters is down a gear bag and a set of pads, but we got everything else back! Not only that, but they hand delivered it to The Red Hot space…and said they’d spread the word throughout the department that a new lunchspot is on it’s way to being open, because they all loved hot dogs. Can you say “Killer”?
I’m still bummed about dropping $245 on a new piece of glass (found it cheaper than the deductible!), but it turned out better than being out close to a grand. I even felt good enough to use my good white duct tape to put a bandage on the ol’ truckster.
If anyone sees people late at night being all ‘prowly’, how about toss a rock with some velocity on it at their cranial region to help us all out, huh? Thanks.


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