Wooden Nickels & Growler Rewards

Here at TRH, one of our longest standing daily specials has been Growler Mondays. $10 Growler refills were the norm. This is when the $4 pint dominated the tap list. Due to rising beer costs, the $4 pint occupied 3/4 to 1/2 the tap list. Customers have also switched mainly to filling growlers with harder to find draft-only choices, which were priced a bit higher. Deeply discounted growler fills were also limited to only what was on tap on Mondays.

Enter the TRH Wooden Nickel


From now on, any time you refill a 64oz growler here, you’ll get a wooden nickel which gives you $1 off a 64oz growler fill the next time you come in. This is our repeat customer reward for those of you who regularly refill growlers here (and there are a lot of you!). On Mondays, instead of discounted growlers, you’ll get 3 wooden nickels for any refill ($3 off your refill the next time you come in). Our website is on the back of the wooden nickel which has a tap list of what’s on. Now you can decide when to get a discounted refill, and not limit it to just Mondays. These are being issued now, and all of our growler regs are loving it. PLEASE let your Beertender know before you fill that you intend to redeem any wooden nickels. THANKS!


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