I’ll start by saying thanks to everyone who has, and continues to come visit us at The Red Hot. It has been an insane 2 weeks, and today is the first day where I’ve seen to be able to take a step back and breathe for a sec. It has been totally awesome, and I am stoked to have a dream come true.

People of Tacoma, you truly love hot dogs. It is a rarity that I only serve one to someone. Two and three are the norm, and I have an all-star eater who put down 4 in a row, and would have done 5 if time permitted. She hopefully will be entering in our hot dog eating competition when we get that rolling.

Most problems have been sorted out, takeout orders are on the upswing, and I have received a huge amount of thanks from my neighbors, which is something I have always strived to be…a neighbor, not a business in the neighborhood. Since most of our kinks have been worked out, here are a few additions we’ve made:

1.) Happy Hour. Happy Hour is from 3-6pm, Monday thru Friday. $2 domestics, and $3 micros.
2.) Monday Nights. Starting September 10th, we’ll be opening for Monday Night Football. I wouldn’t classify the Red Hot as a sports bar, but I loves me some football. It will probably be 3pm to 10pm for Monday’s hours, but it could change slightly. We will be running a Polish Sausage dog special.
3.) Hot Dog availability. Hot Dogs go to 10pm, not 9pm as it’s previously been. We’ve made some changes in our “kitchen”, and made some operating and ordering changes, to keep it going later. Hopefully I can get it to 11pm on weekends, but for now…10pm every night. “Kitchen” is in quotes because apparently even though the health department, the state, and my insurance company classify it as such, people “in the know” say otherwise. 😉
4.) $2 Tuesdays. I do this every Tuesday. I’ll pick a handle, and all day that pup is $2 a pint. Nuff said. (p.s.-Tonight, 8/28, is Rogers Pilsner from Georgetown Brewery, if you’re so inclined).

Coming soon: website, Wooden Nickle Club, Hot Dog Eating Competition, and Running the Gauntlet.

Thanks again to all my neighbors, new friends, and regulars. Thanks also to the local blogging community who truly support home-grown businesses in our city. Your help was and is greatly appreciated.

I’ll post more regularly, and thanks to everyone who has come in and started off by saying “Yeah, I read your bolog and…”. AMAZING.


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