Beer Breakfast (SAT & SUN)

Served Saturday & Sunday, 9am-noon


The Best Damn BnG In Tacoma


House-made biscuit covered in our own sausage gravy & two maple breakfast links, with a fried egg

Egg-In-A-Hole Sandwich


Sourdough breakfast sandwich with a fried egg cooked into the top, with crispy pork belly, avocado, tomatoes, & mayo

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito


House-made chorizo, with eggs, onions, peppers, & black beans wrapped in a flour tortilla, topped with smoked salsa verde, cotija cheese, & cilantro-lime crema

Pigs In A Blanket


Two buttermilk flapjacks, each with a single maple sausage breakfast link cooked inside, served with real maple syrup, marionberry jam, butter, & topped with powdered sugar

Pig In A Biscuit


House-made buttermilk biscuit, grilled pork chop, fried egg, American cheese, & a spot of sausage gravy

Smoked Salmon Bagel


Smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled red onions & capers served open-faced on a toasted bagel

Hangover Hash


Sausage, red potatoes, onions, bell peppers & mushrooms, topped with cheese & a fried egg. Served with sourdough toast, marionberry jam, & a shot of sausage gravy

Vegan Hash


Marinated tofu, red potatoes, onions, bell peppers, Chao vegan mozzarella, & mushrooms. Served with sourdough toast, marionberry jam, & a shot of mushroom gravy

Vegan Breakfast Burrito


House-made soyrizo with onions, peppers, & black beans wrapped in a flour tortilla, Chao vegan mozzarela, topped with smoked salsa verde & cilantro


Bottomless Cup Manifesto Coffee


Tacoma Roasted

Manifesto Nitro Cold Brew Coffee


5oz pour

TRH Space Cowboy


WA made root beer topped with Manifesto cold brewed coffee, served in a pint glass

Can of Tomato Juice


Make your beer a red beer

Triple Treat


Unibroue La Fin du Monde, pineapple juice, OJ, & grenadine

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Beer


16oz can

Orange Juice


5oz or 10oz

À la carte

Grilled Boneless Pork Chop 6.00
Toasted Bagel w/ Cream Cheese 5.00
Buttermilk Flapjack w/ butter & real maple syrup
(single 3.00 / double-stack 5.00 / triple-stack 7.00)
Fried Egg 1.50
Cheese Grits 3.25
Maple Breakfast Links (2) 4.75
Marionberry Jam .75
Thick Cut Bacon (2) 2.75
Sourdough Toast (2) 2.75
House-made Biscuit 2.50
Sausage Gravy 2.25
Mushroom Gravy (vegan) 2.25
Side of Potatoes 2.75

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